"Habla Español" and "Amergna Ennageralen"

1475 Montreal Road East,
Tucker GA 30084

"Habla Español" and "Amergna Ennageralen"

1475 Montreal Road East, Tucker GA 30084

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Our Mission:

Voted Best of GwinnettWe practice medicine from the heart. We are committed to providing patients with convenient access to high-quality healthcare. We believe that providing high-quality care is not only about the services we provide to our patients but also in the education of our patients and their families. We thrive on building solid relationships with those we provide care for and are proud of the services we provide. We strive to be a leader for innovative medical practices and are one of the few clinics in the area to offer on-site physical therapy, hormone replacement, vein therapy, immigration and allergy services.

Our Founders:

Dr. Zavier Ash
Dr. Zavier Ash
Medical Director

Mrs. Alicia Ash, MBA
Mrs. Alicia Ash, MBA
CEO/Practice Administrator

Crosslinks Vein Center:

Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins. This technique uses radiofrequency energy (instead of laser energy) to heat up and close the wall inside of problematic veins resulting in improvement of overall venous circulation. Patients are encouraged to start walking immediately after the procedure, but they should avoid any strenuous exercises involving the legs (such as weight training) for at least two to three weeks, to enable adequate time for healing and for the treated veins to remain closed. There are also other methods of repairing problematic veins. Schedule a consultation with us today.

3D Mammogram Services

Crosslinks Family Practice is excited to announce now offer 3D Mammograms on-site twice monthly.

We are bringing women’s health imaging to you. No need to go to the hospital for your preventative care.

100% coverage by insurance and great deals for self pay patients.

Don’t hold off on your annual screening, 3D mammograms detect 40% more invasive cancers and eliminates unnecessary call backs.

It can save your LIFE!

Call us today at (404) 296-8500 to schedule your 3D Mammogram!

Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in women, affecting one in every eight women in the U.S. The goal of screening exams for early breast cancer detection is to identify breast abnormalities as early as possible. If breast cancer is found early, there are more treatment options and a better chance for survival. Women whose breast cancer is detected at an early stage have a 93 percent or higher survival rate in the first five years. Only 1/3rd of women that could have gotten a mammogram last year did though. Only about 31% of uninsured women over age 40 have had a mammogram in the past two years. Recently the numbers have gotten worse, with mammography screening down 95% during the first few months of Covid-19 and still not back to normal levels.

3D mammography is only about ten years old and by far the most accurate screening mammography technology available. 3D mammograms find 40% more cancer than traditional mammography, but 3D also reduces false positives by 40%. 3D mammography has quickly become the gold standard of care & is offered by Advanced Southern imaging for as little as 20% of the cost of some hospitals.

Convenience & cost help drive mammogram compliance greatly, which saves lives. Nobody should go to the hospital to get any screening test done in this Covid-19 environment, especially if it means going into radiology, where the patient next to you might be there for Covid.

Advanced Southern imaging’s all female staff focuses only on women’s imaging and offers 3D screening mammography in a safe & healthy environment, away from potentially sick hospital patients.

3D mammography is approved and covered by all insurance companies.

Who Can Visit the all-female staffed Mobile 3D Mammography Coach?

Patients can visit the Mobile Mammography Coach for a screening mammogram if they:

  • Are age 40* or older without a referral
  • Had their last screening mammography exam performed over 365 days ago.
  • Are not pregnant or currently breastfeeding.
  • Can easily walk up and down the stairs at the van door.
  • Are not currently having breast problems including breast pain, palpable lesion(s) or have a recent breast cancer diagnosis (within the past 2 years).

*One initial baseline mammogram is available for women 35-39, then annually after 40.



Call for inquiries: 404-296-8500